Dorm Room Lighting Ideas


A door room can be an overwhelming concept. So many things are to be taken into consideration before you reach there and the moment you reach their problems like a lot of furniture or outlet space might pose an issue. Since dorms are boring you can spice them up with dorm room lighting ideas.  Let us explore them in details

Furniture Tetris

In a cramped room, you might be struggling with space. An effective tip is to rearrange the furniture as you might have a lot of space than you could imagine. Between a  wall and the bed, a pool curdles will prevent you from dropping the phone on to a dark device.

Stick to mirrors

When it comes to opening up a space mirrors have an important role to play. For example, if you feel that the room is to be made a big place a mirror on a desk that faces the wall. In a way, you would feel less Claus trophic and catch a glimpse of your gorgeous face on the mirror.

Accent lighting for a dorm room

Adding a tinge of personality to dark dorm premises is a tricky aspect, but good lighting helps. In fact, it makes a space personal and a fun place to thrive. Dorm roomlighting ideas focus on accent lights as you can hang them in an easy way. Not only they contribute to the fun element but they are cost-effective. They can act as hang walls or curtains.

Bring plants

 If you add plants to the dorm rooms it contributes to the element of freshness and reveals a less basic tinge. House plants work wonders for your health so opt for the low maintenance variant. Air plants suit the bill so look for a few spots in your house to place them.

With curtain culminate a homely feeling

Sometimes the views could be less stellar as compared to the dorm of a first floor. Curtains provide a sense of privacy and give a finished look to the premises of your home. For filtering lights choose a filter light.